04 / 15 / 20

WFH Solve Summer Internship Tells Candidates #DontMoveToMinnesota

Uses State’s “Flyover” Perception In Self-Effacing Way To Lure National Talent

Embracing the uncertain duration of the current WFH situation, Solve’s offering a remote internship this summer. Since the program won’t require participants to live in Minneapolis, the agency is casting a broad geographical net to attract candidates. And, recognizing that physically living in Minnesota may not be a dream location for many interested interns, the agency’s poking fun at its state by telling candidates #DontMoveToMinnesota.

The campaign – running on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and other recruitment sites – touts the ability to work remotely and features self-deprecating Minnesota references like mosquitoes, cold weather, “Fargo accents,” hockey-as-life and that Prince no longer lives here. The program will provide interns with a real world, hands-on, ten-week agency experience, from wherever their home may be. Participants will work in account management, creative and media disciplines on clients including Sunoco, Porsche, Raymond James, Founders Brewing and Président Cheese. 

“Minneapolis agencies typically have trouble competing for top interns with places like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco,” said Brian Platt, Solve Group Creative Director. “Since Solve’s running its internship remotely, any apprehension around having to move to Minnesota has been lifted. We embraced Minnesota perceptions and realities in a light-hearted way to entice qualified candidates from across the country,” Platt added.     

The WFH Solve Internship is scheduled to begin in June and run through August, although the agency may make exceptions for students who are able to start sooner due to class cancellations. Interested candidates can learn more at

Sample campaign elements are displayed below.


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04 / 14 / 20

Solve’s Tony Rivera Hosts Trivia Night For WCCO Radio

Solve Project Manager Tony Rivera, along with Benjamin Kjos, brought their trivia brainchild “Questions In Quarantine” to WCCO Radio! The two emcees conducted a 90-minute interactive trivia competition on WCCO Radio’s Facebook page this past Saturday night. The livestream included over 300 participants, with the recording of the event now nearing 3,000 views. Rivera and Kjos are building a following, as this was the fourth weekend in a row they’ve hosted the trivia contest. But the best part? Each week they highlight a charitable organization for players to support. “Play trivia, do good!” Future events will be posted to Solve’s social channels.

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04 / 10 / 20

Solve’s Ryan Murray And Family Featured In Muse By Clio

Solve Director of Account Management/Partner Ryan Murray and his family were recently covered in Muse’s #WFH Diaries, a series profiling ad industry professionals as they work from home. Ryan and his wife Mindy, a marketing communications manager at General Mills, are an agency-client couple with two kids, Lily (4) and Robert (2). Like working parents across the country, they’re finding creative ways to balance working from home while parenting and engaging their kids in learning activities. As the article details, the family’s also gotten caught in Netflix’s Tiger King, with Ryan taking the obsession to new heights.

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04 / 09 / 20

Bravus Brewing Taps Solve As Agency Of Record

America’s First Non-Alcoholic Craft Brewery Leading N/A Trend

Solve is working with Costa Mesa, California-based Bravus Brewing Company, the country’s first brewery purely dedicated to non-alcoholic craft beer. Started by Philip Brandes in 2015, Bravus is looking to further its brand amidst today’s #SoberCurious and increasingly health-conscious culture. Led by its IPA, Stout and Amber Ale, Bravus is focused on non-alcoholic craft beer styles that taste as robust as their alcoholic counterparts. Its beers have won two medals at the Great American Beer Festival, recognition normally given only to beers containing alcohol.

“Right now, we can’t make beer fast enough to fill our distribution pipeline,” says Philip Brandes, Bravus Founder and Head Brewer. “At some point, the supply-demand equation will even out, so we need to set Bravus up for the long-haul. Given Solve’s success positioning some of the world’s most iconic brands, we know they’ll be a great partner to help position us within this exploding category.”

Already in the traditional craft beer segment with client Founders Brewing, the addition of Bravus allows Solve to work across the entire beer spectrum. “We’ve watched the non-alcoholic craft beer and cocktail movement gain amazing momentum over the past few years,” says John Colasanti, Solve CEO and Founder. “Philip’s vision is inspiring, and we look forward to helping him get Bravus in more people’s hands.”

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04 / 03 / 20

Solve Provides Outreach For The Homeless During Unprecedented Times

A team from Solve delivered meals to St. Stephen’s shelters this week (adhering to social distancing practices). Serving Hennepin County, St. Stephen’s focuses on providing street outreach, shelter and housing to the homeless – a group often at greater risk for illness due to a limited ability for social distancing and overcrowded systems of support. “As we’re all adjusting to this new way of life, it’s important we don’t lose sight of those most in need – now more than ever,” says Solve Director of Production Lisa K. Johnson, who organized the effort. “We’re always looking for ways to give back, and doing whatever we can to lend a hand.” Solve’s delivery will help feed 50 homeless people.

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