Assistive Technology Expert AbleNet Launches Effort Supporting Individuals With Disabilities

AbleNet – a world leader in providing assistive technology services and solutions which help individuals with disabilities reach their human potential – recently worked with Solve to create an awareness campaign and drive use of its products and services. The “Let Them Be Heard” effort centers on the premise that being heard is not just a human need, but a human right all should have access to in order to recognize their full potential. “AbleNet works tirelessly to ensure individuals with disabilities and their community of medical and educational professionals get the resources they need to be successful,” says AbleNet CEO Jennifer Thalhuber. “Solve and their talented staff helped us amplify our mission and introduce our brand to more educators and medical professionals across the globe.” The integrated campaign launches this week, focusing primarily on video and social to reach niche audiences – in particular AbleNet’s dedicated speech-language pathology community. The launch film capturing the campaign’s central message is shown below, along with a sampling of social content.

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