07 / 17 / 17

Solve’s Latest Internity Session Unleashes Power Of Creativity Through Yoga & Self-Care

Yogi Ben Vincent Helps Solve Conquer Pressures Of Deadlines

Solve’s latest Internity session took on the prevalent topic of stress that comes from meeting life’s demands. Renowned yoga instructor Ben Vincent brought his practice to Solve and helped employees understand our bodies and minds are not properly trained to deal with the stresses of today’s technology driven, need-it-now world. Through an insightful, explorative talk, Ben gave the agency tools, tips and techniques for managing the omnipresent stress in our lives. During his session Ben led a guided meditation that let employees understand how the power of inward exploration can truly unlock potential and creativity.

Internity Session 4 takes place Thursday, July 27th, and will feature venture capitalist Matt Otterstatter.

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07 / 14 / 17

Solve Hires Emily Allison As Senior Production Designer

Emily Allison joins Solve as Senior Production Designer bringing an accomplished design and production pedigree to the agency. With 10+ years agency experience, Allison has worked on brands including Macy’s, Time Warner and Hewlett Packard. “Emily has worked on everything from large design and branding projects, to packaging and retail design; her talent and experience strengthen our capabilities,” says Solve Managing Creative Director Hans Hansen. Allison gains creative inspiration from personal passions that include sailing and training to be a cocktail mixologist.

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06 / 27 / 17

Internity Sessions Continue With Organic Food Pioneer Brenda Langton

Food Innovator & Restaurateur Brings Her Lifelong Passions To Solve

After an inaugural session from singer/songwriter Adam Levy of The Honeydogs, Solve’s “Internity” program dove deep into the trendy world of wholesome and organic foods. Organic food pioneer Brenda Langton, founder/owner of leading Minneapolis organic restaurant, Spoonriver, and creator of the Mill City Farmer’s Market shared her story of bringing the organic food movement to the people of Minneapolis, St. Paul and beyond. Brenda shared her insights on fostering an in-demand restaurant, mentoring young food entrepreneurs and staying true to your passion regardless of popular opinions. The session was kicked off with popular recipes from Brenda’s award-winning Spoonriver Cookbook prepared by Solve employees.

Session 3 takes place Thursday, July 13th and will feature yogi Ben Vincent.

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06 / 20 / 17

Solve Creates Father’s Day Meat Bouquet For DiMario Foods

Initial Effort For Start-Up Meat Stick Brand Defies Gift Convention

Solve believes dads would rather receive a meat bouquet than a tie or pair of socks. So, in its first work for Oakbrook, Illinois-based DiMario Foods, the agency partnered with its new client to develop custom meat stick bouquets as a Father’s Day gift.

The bouquets featured a variety of 20 DiMario meat sticks wrapped in branded craft paper, hand-tied with twine and a fishing bobber, enclosed in a box with the headline, “You Don’t Celebrate The Man Who Brought You Into This World With A Pair Of Socks, You Do It With A Bouquet.” The bouquets were promoted a week before Father’s Day on Amazon, Facebook and Etsy. Additionally, the agency worked with DiMario to execute on-the-street intercepts and personal deliveries (arranged through Twitter requests) in Chicago over Father’s Day weekend.

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06 / 16 / 17

Solve Debuts Internity Program With Musician Adam Levy

Singer/Songwriter Shares Personal Journey Of Musical Inspiration

Solve’s “Internity” program successfully kicked off yesterday featuring singer/songwriter Adam Levy of The Honeydogs. Adam played several songs throughout the session and shared highlights from his career, focusing on where he’s found creative inspiration and his process for collaborating to create his most meaningful work. The entire session was broadcast via Facebook Live. Solve team members were joined by five non-agency employees, recruited from non-traditional settings, including one who participated from Singapore.

Session 2 takes place Monday, June 26 and will feature organic food pioneer Brenda Langton. It will also be shared via Facebook Live.

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