True Value Case Study


Reignite an iconic american hardware brand

Once the embodiment of the local independent American hardware store, True Value was facing eroding sales while being heavily outspent by the competition. To make matters worse, consumers were even confusing them with their biggest competitor, Ace Hardware. Reversing this trend and growing their business for the future required reaching out to a new generation of hardware consumers while injecting fresh energy and emotion into the brand.

The Solve

Moving beyond the apron

All hardware brands pretty much offer the same thing; products and advice to help people complete projects. The category is saturated with imagery of friendly apron-clad employees offering expert advice. To differentiate the brand and resonate with younger DIYers in their first homes, Solve is helping True Value own a more emotional space in the hearts of their customers. We’re moving beyond a rational appeal and celebrating the deeper reasons – the True Value – behind peoples’ projects.


Winning with emotion

  • Total annual sales up 6.0% – Best in 20 Years
  • Comp store sales up 4.7%
  • Significant lift in key brand attributes among young DIYer target

Client Quote

The Solve team created a powerful, emotionally-based position for True Value which reflects the heart of why we're in business and ultimately, what we offer our customers. They understand the critical importance of making sure our positioning is understood and embraced across our retail base of over 3,500 independent hardware store owners.

-Blake Fohl, SVP Marketing and Chief Customer Officer, True Value