Organic Valley Case Study


Move beyond the co-op

Organic Valley needed to build on its dominance as the leading national dairy brand in food co-ops and increase volume among a broader audience through mass grocery channels. This more mainstream shopper (we targeted moms with young children) had to be convinced that Organic Valley products were the best for their kids, justifying the premium price.

The Solve

What comes out depends on what goes in

When you think about it, a cow’s milk quality is directly related to the food it consumes. Organic Valley’s farmer-owners’ commitment to grazing their cows on nutritious, natural pasture grass means the company’s milk is as pure and untainted as possible. By “owning the pasture,” we set off to convince our new target what current Organic Valley loyalists already knew – the quality of Organic Valley’s dairy products is unmatched. This was further brought to life by a new tagline – “Bringing The Good” – that reflects the co-op’s greater purpose and passion for producing exceptional organic foods.


Producing more sales

  • Positioning effectively united 1,800-member farmer co-op
  • Campaign generated increases in milk sales (9.5%), butter sales (37%), and cream sales (16%)
  • After just two years, 53% of users were new to the brand

Client Quote

Solve's deep experience, understanding and respect for our brand made them an extremely valuable partner. They helped us distill our position, define our target and effectively spread our story to a broader audience.

-Lewis Goldstein, Executive Marketing Director, Organic Valley