True Value – EasyCare Paint Case Study


Establish True Value as the paint destination for young DIYers

True Value same-store sales had slowed while their core customer had aged. Research showed that painting was the #1 DIY project among young homeowners. The retailers’ private label paint line, EasyCare Paint, presented an opportunity to attract a younger customer. The challenge was how to best insert True Value into the consideration set for this next generation of DIYers.

The Solve

Tapping into pop culture allowed us to join their conversation

Over 60% of our young DIYer target were first-time homebuyers and had families. While their project lists were long, their leisure time was devoted to staying up to date on music and movies. Threading the needle for the perfect promotion involved our target’s love of music, movies and their children. We created an exclusive partnership with DreamWork’s Trolls, the upcoming animated movie centered on finding your true color. We anticipated the film would be a hit and expected a tie-in with the color-filled Trolls would be a vibrant, family-friendly idea to attract a new generation of DIYers into our stores. We created a palette of 24 exclusive EasyCare Paint colors aligning with each of the main characters’ personalities. And then invited our target of young DIYers to come “find their true color.”


Complete brand makeover

  • 11.6% increase in paint sales YOY
  • 55% of paint buyers purchased at least 3 additional items
  • Two-thirds of homeowners with children said Trolls promotion made them feel more positive about True Value

Client Quote

The Trolls - EasyCare Paint partnership transformed our business. It caused consumers, especially young homeowners, to reappraise the True Value brand. Following the successful promotion, our customer mix has gotten younger, and we’ve reinvented ourselves as a relevant DIY destination for paint.

Michael McCann, Senior Director, Consumer Marketing, True Value Company