Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Case Study


Humanize the brand

In a hyper competitive environment, with over fifty corporate banks, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank had experienced a slip in market position. A melting pot of over 280 nationalities, the UAE marketplace is a culture of entrepreneurs in a modern day land of opportunity. Once known as a bank that understood the people of the region, ADCB was at risk of becoming simply another lending institution.

The Solve

Visualize your ambition

We saw the opportunity to rise above the traditional financial messages of the competition and take the high ground – positioning ADCB as a champion of its customers’ ambitions. We created the multi-channel “Ambition Visualized” campaign. To resonate with ADCB’s diverse audience, we used the universally understood technique of visualization, asking real customers to close their eyes and imagine their greatest ambitions in life coming true.


Striking an emotional chord

  • Increase in trust led to 29% lift in new-to-bank customer relationships
  • Drove 23% increase in product acquisition
  • Brand saw significant growth across key attributes: +22% in “brand understands my needs” and +21% in “committed to my life stage needs”
  • MENA Effie finalist

Client Quote

The campaign delivers a powerful, emotional message: if you can visualize it, ADCB can help you get there. Our partnership with Solve has brought a new level of insight and creative excellence to our brand.

-Martin Scott, Chief Marketing Officer, ADCB