Solve’s “Blank Video Project” Receiving National Coverage

“How Did A Four-Minute, Blank Video Generate Over 100,000 Views?” Asks Fast Company and Others

YouTube views were the strongest indicator of an online brand video’s cultural impact for years. To prove the inadequacy of views as a key performance indicator, Solve created a four-minute blank video. The video–with no motion, sound or color–was uploaded to YouTube where it generated over 100,000 views. What’s more, viewers on average made it through 61 percent (or 2:26) of the four-minute video, and 22 percent made it to the end.

“In Solve’s compelling four-minute look at–well, nothing–the fact that YouTube views are a useless metric for measuring what people are actually paying attention to becomes abundantly clear,” reported FastCo’s Dan Solomon.

Solve has pulled open the curtain to reveal how marketers must set and measure progress toward legitimate business goals, not vanity metrics such as video views. Learn more about Solve’s “The Blank Video Project” in Adweek, Fast Company and at Creative Review.

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