Solve Leverages Power Of Human Connection For Summer Internship

Pokes Fun At Absurd Application Process Of Other Agencies

Solve is using a unique approach to promote its summer internship and evaluate applicants. As reported earlier this week in industry trade publications, the agency posted over-sized, handwritten letters at key, on-campus locations at targeted universities across the country to announce its program. Inspired by one of the agency’s founding principles of genuine human connection, the program runs counter to what agency internships have embraced in recent years. Valuing substance over silliness, Solve refuses to ask candidates to condense resumes into 140 characters, present themselves via fake campaign or funny videos, or answer irrelevant nonsensical questions. Rather, Solve is simply asking for a resume and cover letter…to be sent (via mail) to the agency.

“Regardless of constantly evolving platforms and technology, brand communication has always been about genuine connections,” says Ryan Murray, Solve Account Director and intern program leader. “This fundamental truth inspired our approach…we want to reach out to potential applicants in a personal, straightforward way and ask them to respond in kind, so we can actually get to know them,” Murray adds.

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