Solve’s Project Pipeline Inspires Industry Diversity With Morgan State University

Low diversity within advertising agencies is largely due to the limited number of students of color being exposed to the profession. Recognizing this, Solve created Project Pipeline – developing its own advertising classroom curriculum for HBCUs to help inspire industry careers. Solve is currently partnering with Baltimore-based HBCU Morgan State University to deliver an in-depth agency perspective and curriculum. As recently detailed in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Solve’s weekly guest lectures cover a range of topics, including “What Is Advertising?” “Emotional Positioning,” “Media Connections,” “Working At An Ad Agency” and “Bringing An Idea To Life.” Each class integrates a series of activities to keep students engaged and provide an open mic platform for asking questions. “Diversity is central to Solve’s mission and culture,” says Solve CEO/Founder John Colasanti. “Ultimately, we’re committed to making our agency and industry more diverse by fueling a pipeline that hasn’t previously existed.”

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