Just Yesterday

Weisman Art Museum


Just Yesterday

The Just Yesterday art exhibit uses iconic pop culture references to put systemic injustices from our recent past into context — injustices that continue to oppress communities of color to this day.

SCOPE — Brand Strategy, Target Audience Definition, Creative Development, Content Production, Social Engagement, Brand Identity, Site Design

RESULTS — Creative Development, Content Production

  • Over 2 million impressions
  • Over 500k TikTok views
  • Local and national press coverage
  • Pending entry into Weisman Art Museum’s Permanent Collection
Just Yesterday was the featured outdoor art installation at the Weisman Art Museum throughout the summer of 2021. In addition to serving as a popular backdrop for concerts, selfies and wedding photos, the installation inspired a workshop for BIPOC medical students who’ll be creating their own Just Yesterday posters exploring the history of systemic racism in the medical sciences.
Just Yesterday was supported on social media with a series of TikToks.