Project Pipeline

Morgan State University


Project Pipeline

Diversity is about more than staff composition. One major reason advertising lacks diversity is due to a shortage of diverse candidates. So rather than focusing solely on the makeup of our small advertising agency, we’re stretching beyond our walls with Project Pipeline. Using a customizable introductory advertising course, we partner with Historically Black Colleges & Universities where advertising’s not on the curriculum to impact the lives of as many college students as possible. We’ve been working with Baltimore-based HBCU Morgan State University for the past four semesters to inspire young minds to an advertising career.

SCOPE —12-week introduction to advertising taught by agency subject matter experts, weekly Q&A sessions, real-world assignments, internship program, in-person career day

RESULTS — Ongoing:

  • The job is never done, and we’ll continue to keep Project Pipeline going with the goal of creating a better and more diverse industry
  • Project Pipeline’s an initiative for our industry – and society; it’s not about getting diverse candidates to work for Solve – it’s about getting diverse candidates to work in advertising, regardless of agency