Porcelain Valley

American Standard


Porcelain Valley

Everyone knows the biggest tech innovations come from Silicon Valley. But where are the latest leaps in toilet and faucet technology born? A place called Porcelain Valley, of course. Solve’s campaign helped shift perception of American Standard from a tried-and-true commercial brand to a tech-forward, consumer-friendly leader.

SCOPE — Brand Strategy, Target Audience Definition, Creative Development, Content Production, Social Engagement

RESULTS — Game-changing products reshaped the consumer conversation

  • Fueled employee pride, energized brand internally, externally
  • Rejuvenated 140-year-old brand with fresh, modern halo
  • Catapulted brand to top of category consideration set
"Vormax Plus" unveiling video introduced the campaign in a disruptive send-up of typical high-tech company launch announcements.