The Last Fat Tire

Fat Tire


The Last Fat Tire

After 30 years, Fat Tire decided it was time to completely change its formula. But how do you advertise a new Fat Tire without ignoring the millions of loyal old Fat Tire drinkers? We did it by paying our respects to the very last of the old bottles. Where might that last bottle end up? What might the person drinking it be thinking and feeling at this glorious moment in Fat Tire history?

A tearful, bittersweet moment for the craft beer icon.
We knew that the news of this iconic beer changing was going to be big, so to help get the word out, we built custom, handcrafted commemorative press kits that included a bottle from the very last case of old Fat Tire and a bottle from the first case of new Fat Tire. We sent them to press & influencers to build intrigue before the news broke.