The Blank Video Project



The Blank Video Project

Marketers often use views as a quick and easy indicator of content power. Believing creative effectiveness is rooted in engagement versus views, we challenged convention and set out to prove that views are a false indicator of success — by making a 4-minute blank video go viral and garner over 100,000 views. All with no sound, no motion, no graphics. Rather, simply spending $1,400 on YouTube (1.4 cents per view).

SCOPE — Creative Development, Content Production, Social Engagement

RESULTS — Much ado about nothing

  • Widespread press coverage, including Fast Company, Adweek, Creative Review, and Hubspot
  • Millions of earned impressions from hundreds of social media users who made the project part of a global conversation
  • 10x spike in agency website traffic
  • An additional 73,000 unpaid blank video views