Bee Friendlier

Cascadian Farm Organic


Bee Friendlier

Organic food brand Cascadian Farm wanted to rally consumers around helping a declining bee population thrive. Solve’s campaign showed how anyone can be part of the solution: by planting native wildflowers. We created thousands of wildflower “seed bombs,” then spread them across an area in California heavily impacted by declining bee populations.

SCOPE — Brand Strategy, Target Audience Definition, Creative Development, Content Production, Social Engagement, Brand Identity, Site Design

RESULTS — Creating a buzz

  • Flower Bombing film garnered over 1.6 million views
  • Over 130,000 visits to site in first two months
  • More than 35,000 photos uploaded to Bee Booth
  • 8.9% sales increase across cereal products following campaign
A wildflower seed mailing put power in consumers’ hands.
An interactive Bee Booth allowed people to customize photos with bee hairstyles and share on social.