We at Solve adore our home state of Minnesota. But we understand how outsiders may not. That's why we're looking to recruit world-class interns by asking you not to move here. It's your chance to get real world experience without ever having to step foot in our state. And whatever happens with WFH orders, rest assured, you can WFH all summer long, wherever home may be.

Thank you to the many applicants from around the world who expressed interest in Solve by expressing zero interest in moving to Minnesota. There are a lot of you. We're no longer accepting WFH internship applications but we're always looking to meet great talent. If interested, say hello by reaching out to us at careers@solve-ideas.com

Will I be paid?

Oh for Pete's sake. Of course you'll be paid.

When does the internship take place?

We're planning on June through August, but possibly earlier depending on your availability.

What do I need and how do I apply for the internship?

You'll want your resume, a few general details about you, and portfolio if you're a creative. Simply click here to apply.

What is the hiring process?

We will review all applications, select a few to have virtual interviews, and make a decision from there.

Will I just be running virtual errands?

Gosh no. You'll be doing real work on real-world accounts from day one.

Ok, but isn't it just a bunch of lame local Minnesota accounts?

We work on exclusively national brands like Founders Brewing, Raymond James, Porsche and Sunoco. Dontcha know that?

Are you looking for interns across all advertising disciplines?

Darn tootin'. We welcome creatives, account management and media.

If I live in Minnesota can I still apply?

Yah. Geez.

What if I work in a different time zone?

In our business, we're working all the time, so time zones don't matter.

Have additional questions?

Email careers@solve-ideas.com with "WFH Solve Internship” as the subject line.