Porsche Case Study


Inspire the next generation

Porsche’s ability to fuel excitement and a passion among young people is a key indicator of the brand’s power and success. Creating “prospects” at an early age enables Porsche to stay vibrant, young and highly desirable at the onset of a long purchase process. Continually re-igniting and highlighting this aspiration is critical.

The Solve

Porsche love spreads from fathers to their children

Car passion is often passed from fathers to their children. For many Porsche owners, their love affair with the car was born out of their dad’s deep affinity for the brand. Leveraging this essential truth, Solve created a film celebrating the role fathers play in “passing the torch” through the perspective and voice of a child. The film uses footage from Porsche’s “Rennsport” reunion and taps the emotional bond Porsche enables across generations. The content ran on Porsche’s U.S. social channels on Father’s Day.


Fueling emotion on Father’s Day

  • Over 100,000 Father’s Day views
  • 7,700 Father’s Day likes
  • 2,600 Father’s Day shares
  • Hundreds of comments about how well video captured spirit of Porsche

Client Quote

The Rennsport V "Father's Day" video hits the mark. It is a well-crafted execution that highlights our brand in a very emotional and proprietary way. Telling the story of Rennsport through the eyes of a child is a brilliant angle and the copy was exactly right for expressing that early stage of life that spawns the Porsche dream for so many of our owners.

-Scott Baker, Director Marketing Communications, Porsche