Orbea Case Study


Leverage a pro cycling sponsorship in a distinct way

Founded in 1931 in Mallabia, Spain, Orbea’s high-end racing bicycles have long been used by elite teams in the pro peloton. While this involvement has helped the brand forge a proven reputation for elite craftsmanship and performance, pro cycling sponsorships have become table stakes for premier cycling brands. Orbea needed to find a fresh way to partner with a team, allowing it to stand out from the pack.

The Solve


Cycling helps people overcome issues in their life. To demonstrate this point, Orbea sponsored Team Novo Nordisk, an all-diabetes professional cycling team. By showcasing that members of the team have to overcome diabetes across a grueling pro tour calendar, Orbea was able to connect with enthusiasts in a unique, relevant way. We developed communications that celebrated the team, acknowledged their challenges and provocatively asked people what they ride to overcome. Resulting content was inspirational, sharable and helped Orbea stand out in a crowded, somewhat generic field of bike marketers sponsoring traditional teams.


Orbea means more to more enthusiasts

  • Record annual unit sales
  • Retail distribution/dealer expansion exceeded aggressive goals
  • Unprecedented press coverage/impressions generated from involvement with team (higher than three previous years combined)
  • Social engagement, user generated content metrics surpassed previous campaign by 300-400%
  • Followers increased by 25% during course of campaign

Client Quote

Solve helped us re-think Orbea’s long-standing relationship with professional cycling. We veered off our traditional path and developed a team sponsorship program that cycling enthusiasts could identify with on a much deeper, more human level. The campaign had significant impact on the stature of the Orbea brand.

-Tony Karklins, Orbea, USA General Manager