Mercury Bar Case Study


Giving a historic brand a fresh face

Long one of the most beloved bars in downtown Detroit, The Mercury has been a popular destination for years. But remaining relevant and fresh in the face of trendy upstarts, fickle tastes and a transient young professional population thirsty to try new things, presented a challenge for this Detroit icon.

The Solve

Use social media to extend welcome mat

Detroiters wanted the perfect blend of something familiar yet something fresh for their night out. As a stalwart of Detroit’s historic Corktown district, The Mercury Bar was that iconic destination where you and friends felt comfortable. A change to the menu or ambience wasn’t needed. Rather, we saw the opportunity to inject fresh energy into the brand’s persona through its digital profile and social presence. We developed humorous, playful content, consistent with the brand’s fitting role within Detroit culture, to let our target know how much more happy a Mercury Happy Hour could be.


Bottoms up!

  • More than doubled Facebook followers in only six months
  • Cited in June/July Esquire Magazine as propelling Detroit to “Bar City of the Year”
  • Welcomed to elite Club Level of Ford Field, home of NFL’s Detroit Lions, as one of select few local-origin concessionaires
  • Winner of WDIV-TV “Vote 4 the Best” consumer election as “best burger” in Detroit
  • On track for best business year ever

Client Quote

I never imagined the night the team from Solve came in for a burger and asked if they could be our partner, it would impact our business so incredibly. They took over our social media and have given us a youthful energy. Now we regularly have lines of customers wrapping around the block.

-Kimber Kirk, Operations Manager, The Mercury Bar