Medifast Case Study


Outsmart the heavyweights

Although a proven long-time player in the weight loss category, Medifast is considerably outspent by higher-awareness brands including Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig. Since we couldn’t compete with their vast budgets and deep celebrity endorsements, we had to find a way to get Medifast into the consideration set.

The Solve

Weight loss is about gaining

As we explored the true motivation for losing weight with consumers, we realized it wasn’t about fitting into a smaller dress size or looking good for a high school reunion. Ultimately, losing weight is about gaining – the ability to be active, self-confident, happy. Losing weight allows you to become the person you want to be, an idea reflected through the “Become Yourself” tagline we created. Armed with this insight and new platform, we developed a revolutionary campaign that steers clear of celebrities and classic “before/after” imagery and captures the emotional weight loss journey through the stories of real people.


Tipping the scale

  • 28% lift in brand awareness
  • 24% increase in brand preference
  • 28% lift in new visitors to site
  • Call center experienced 10x typical volume in first month of launch
  • Tripled market share in first year
  • Awarded Gold Effie for creativity and effectiveness
  • Named to WARC 100 Collection (Top 100 campaigns in the world)

Client Quote

Solve has contributed significantly to our branding initiative, from identifying a unique and authentic positioning platform to developing a fresh, emotionally-based campaign. They've helped Medifast achieve unprecedented awareness and interest in the weight loss category.

-Brian Kagen, Chief Marketing Officer, Medifast