Internity Case Study


Turning the tables on learning

Most agencies hire college students as summer interns. It’s long been a tried and true model. Given our never settle nature, we sought to disrupt the old model. Sharing a strong belief that learning’s never done, we wondered whether we might create a two-way learning exchange. That is, a program that imparts knowledge to interns, but also inspires and stretches the minds of current agency team members.

The Solve

Recruit instructors, turn agency staff into interns

Called Internity, the program invited an unconventional faculty of leading minds to serve as instructors for agency-wide educational sessions throughout the summer. By design, instructors were chosen from worlds outside of marketing (including yogi Ben Vincent, organic food pioneer Brenda Langton, and singer/songwriter Adam Levy). Each offered a unique, mind-broadening creative perspective. Instead of enlisting eager undergrads, Solve’s entire staff was mock-demoted to intern. Interested in bettering the local community as well, the agency offered five non-employees a chance to join the intern ranks for each gathering soliciting applications from a variety of non-traditional places, including senior living centers. Each event was broadcast in its entirety via Facebook Live reaching interested viewers who participated in the session and discussion from as far away as Singapore.


Creating impact on all fronts

“Internity succeeded not only in demonstrating that learning is a lifelong practice, but that it also isn’t limited to a single lane. The remarkable people we met spurred personal growth, but also opened up conversations between coworkers that I know have seeped into our process and ultimately our work.”

–Peter Lansky, Digital Strategist, Solve

“We quickly moved beyond healthy eating and the restaurant business, and covered wide-ranging topics from entrepreneurship to creative inspiration to risk taking. The engagement from the group was remarkable. The experience, so fulfilling. I got so much out of it.”

–Brenda Langton, Organic Food Pioneer, Internity Instructor

“Solve, which always gets creative with its internship programs, flipped the traditional model with Internity, reflecting the company’s belief that learning is never done.”

–Tim Nudd, Creative Editor, ADWEEK