Inspired Closets Case Study


Establish consideration for category's newest player

Inspired Closets was a new competitor entering a category dominated by high-awareness, deep-pocketed California Closets. While their budget was sizable, California Closets’ appeal was narrow, as the brand targeted affluent consumers intent on turning their closets into showplaces. Our opportunity centered on providing homeowners a provocative yet relevant way to think about their closets.

The Solve

Create more inspired days

The closet is the most overlooked room in the home. By contrast, the master closet is the most-visited room, creating an interesting contradiction. Although homeowners think of closets primarily as a place for storage, we focused on the larger daily purpose the room serves. By positioning it as a space that inspires life experiences, we were able to reframe the role of the closet.


Mastering the closet

  • Over 251,000 leads generated in first quarter of campaign, exceeding goal by 200%
  • Grew dealer-base by 260% in 2018
  • Average dealer year-over-year sales increased 75.9%

Client Quote

Solve has over-delivered our expectations at every step. Hands down, this is the best agency/client partnership I have ever been a part of and it extends to all levels of our organizations. Every interaction with Solve leaves our team and our dealer partners feeling truly inspired.

Shauna Smith, CMO, Inspired Closets