Green Giant Case Study


Create relevance for an iconic brand in a declining category

In today’s marketplace, Green Giant had lost relevance with consumers. While still iconic, it lacked any meaningful place in the minds of modern day families. Amidst a declining frozen vegetable category, the brand needed to reconnect with current consumers.

The Solve

Infuse Green Giant into quick family meal nights

Vegetables are easily overlooked on “crazy nights” when parents are frenzying around from one kid activity to the next, leaving little time for dinner. The “Veggies For Real Life” platform emphasizes that there’s still time for parents to add veggies to dinner before running out the door. By capturing real families in their kitchens, we empathetically positioned Green Giant as a solution for getting vegetables onto plates.


Stimulating growth, rekindling the fire

  • Sales increased 28% during advertised period
  • Campaign paved way for successful launch of new product SKUs, helped secure additional retailer distribution
  • Video content received record views, engagement for brand

Client Quote

The ‘Veggies For Real Life’ campaign provided an avenue for Green Giant to relate with today’s consumers. Solve’s passion for bringing true connective power to the brand’s messaging helped us get Green Giant back into the conversation.

-Nicci Trovinger, Marketing Manager, Green Giant