Galbani Case Study


Establish Italy’s #1 cheese brand in America

Beyond merely labeling their cheese “Italian,” dominant brands lack any true connection with Italy. Galbani needed to capitalize on its Italian heritage to successfully launch its brand in America and penetrate a category filled with bigger, entrenched players.

The Solve

If it’s loved by Italians, it’s got to be good

With deep Italian roots dating to 1882, Galbani has authenticity that no other cheese brand can own. Our campaign leveraged Galbani’s status as Italy’s #1 cheese. We brought credibility to the brand by tapping into its genuine Italian roots, while evoking appetite appeal to the modern consumer.


Making its presence felt

  • Brand awareness up 72% following campaign
  • Overall brand sales up 12% year-to-date (outpacing cheese category by nearly 300%)
  • Ricotta product leading category (over 30% market share)
  • Fresh mozzarella sales up 18% during advertised period

Client Quote

Solve’s ability to capture our Italian authenticity in a unique way has helped us effectively position Galbani to consumers in America, opening the gates to further growth in the coming years.

Elena Umanskaya, VP Marketing Retail