The V Foundation Case Study


Our strength is our vulnerability

The V Foundation creation story is deeply rooted in the hearts of basketball fans that represent the vast majority of the current donor core. And while empathy is strong among this aging, male audience, they alone cannot account for an ambitious goal of $200 million raised by 2020. We needed to expand our audience and drive donations among younger donors.

The Solve

Delivering hope with a “Never Give Up” commitment

Although nearly everyone agrees that cancer impacts their daily living, most don’t think about supporting a cancer foundation until it impacts them personally. And once someone in their close circle is afflicted, donors have many highly regarded cancer foundations to choose from, often in support of a particular form of cancer. As an organization dedicated to combat all cancers, The V Foundation offered relevance to all. With an ambitious goal in our sights, we aggressively repositioned the company not as focused on raising money, but rather on accomplishing Jimmy’s dream of ridding the world of cancer. With a brand refresh that included a new identity, a completely reimagined website and a more youthful and contemporary design aesthetic, we set off to own victory over cancer.


Moving the brand forward

  • Energized brand helping to attract more and younger donors
  • Simplified website design, architecture paving way for increased donations
  • Raised $140 million against 2020 goal of $200 million in initial 8 months

Client Quote

Our campaign is going well and we’ve hit our stride on the refresh of the brand. Solve’s work has had a BIG impact. The agency is a critical and highly appreciated member of The V Foundation family.

Norm Bowling, Chief Revenue Officer, The V Foundation for Cancer Research