The Five-Minute Internship Case Study


Demonstrate the true agency experience

Every spring, competition for the best young talent renews as agencies vie to recruit the upcoming class of summer interns. Separating one’s agency from all others presents a perennial challenge during campus visits. Understanding that the best way to experience the agency’s culture is to feel it rather than hear it described, we searched for a way to bottle what we had.

The Solve

Bring a miniature version of the agency to campus

While it’s said a picture is worth a thousand words, an “experience” is worth even more. We created a miniature version of Solve – lobby, collaborative workspace, conference room – and took it on the road to colleges around the Midwest. The “pop-up” agency brought the space design and collaborative feel of Solve to campus quads. Potential interns were welcomed into the mini-agency and given a specific 5-minute, real agency task to perform, offering interviewers insight and perspective beyond a standard resume. Those who performed well were interviewed on the spot for a chance to become actual summer interns.


Student interest popped up to an all-time high

  • 3x more applicants than average
  • Strongest-ever class of interns, resulting in two permanent hires
  • National press coverage, strong social buzz
  • Named to Top 50 most innovative pop-up experiences in the world by UK-based Insider Trends

Client Quote

The recruiting of summer interns is in full swing, and Minneapolis agency Solve might have the cleverest (and cutest) solution to finding eager would-be advertising practitioners.

Tim Nudd, Creative Editor, Adweek