Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota Case Study


Break down the stigma around seizures

Due to a lack of support and misunderstanding, epilepsy isn’t on the national radar. Despite being more common than multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and Parkinson’s disease combined, the condition has a stigma associated with it, causing epilepsy to be an avoided topic and a disease that’s misunderstood.

The Solve

Seizures are more common than you think

Shining a light on just how prevalent seizures are gives us the opportunity to change the stigma not only for those suffering from epilepsy but also for everyone who is affected by it. By doing this, we create a community of support making those who suffer from seizures feel like they aren’t alone. And for those who may not be associated with epilepsy, the “Seizures Are More Common Than You Think” campaign gives pause, moving them to reappraise the disease and better understand what it is and what they can do.


Increased engagement from current and new donors

  • 124% increase in website page views
  • 178% increase in unique users to EFMN.org
  • Significant influx of new households to EFMN
  • Strong show of support from Minnesota Twins, U of MN Gophers

Client Quote

It is a marketing person’s dream come true at EFMN to see our mission being fulfilled so very publicly. We owe it all to the talented, creative and amazing team at Solve.

-Melissa Becker, Marketing & Communications Director at EFMN