DiMario Foods Case Study


Get on the map quickly

Chicago-based DiMario Foods, a small, family-owned company, was looking to make a dent in the crowded market of meat snacks. With very little awareness and essentially no budget to justify a big media spend, the brand needed a smart, scrappy idea to grab consumer attention and put the DiMario name in the minds of hungry snack-lovers across the country.

The Solve

Celebrate dad with a gift he'll love

Knowing a traditional media spend wasn’t a viable option, we sought to be as opportunistic as possible with DiMario’s activation. We knew that Father’s Day was on the horizon, a holiday that celebrates a major segment of our target audience. And if there’s one thing dads love, it’s meat.  Jumping on this opportunity, we developed the DiMario meat bouquet, creating a unique gift that cut through the tired and typical options like ties and cologne. We put the bouquet on DiMario’s Amazon page and ran a small paid social spend in the weeks leading up to Father’s Day, coupled with on-the-street intercepts and in-person deliveries on Father’s Day weekend.


Opening the bouquet

  • Sold out of bouquet inventory within one week of campaign launch
  • Brand’s social following doubled during activation window
  • Secured additional distribution within c-store channel

Client Quote

Solve embraced our brand's challenge from the beginning. Just like our family, they aren't afraid to get scrappy with their thinking, and they're committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure success.

Nick DeBartolo, Co-Founder, DiMario Foods