American Standard – Faucets Case Study


Change commercial brand perception

With a heritage steeped in commercial bathroom products and applications (public places, business settings), American Standard was often viewed as an industrial brand, especially among younger consumers. Volume goals depend on deeply penetrating the residential sector, so American Standard needed to demonstrate that its products are equally at home in the kitchens and baths of private residences. The company, well known for tubs and toilets, also needed to establish itself as a legitimate player in the faucet segment where style was of higher consideration.

The Solve

American Standard faucets are styled for today

As a way to demonstrate American Standard’s residential appropriateness and highlight its new faucet line, we created a campaign based on energetic, contemporary, real-life vignettes. We captured poignant, in-home moments with people interacting with their faucets and filmed them from an Instagram/Pinterest perspective. In addition to showing off the faucet’s stylish design and functional capabilities, we let young homeowners know that American Standard fits into their personal world and lifestyle.


A foundation for long-term success

  • Significant lift in brand familiarity/desire among younger target
  • Broad retail trade acceptance of faucet line, exceeded expectation
  • Faucet sales increased 9%, outperformed category by 30%
  • Campaign served as internal rally cry for organization

Client Quote

The faucet segment is a long-term growth strategy for us. “The Style For Today” campaign perfectly celebrates our newest faucets. What’s more, the campaign has shaped the emotional essence of our brand. Solve has placed us on a category-defining path to success.

-Jeannette Long, VP Marketing Communications, LIXIL Americas