American Standard – ActiClean Case Study


Energizing a low-engagement category

Bathroom fixtures rank low in brand awareness. While most homeowners know the color of their toilet, few can name the brand. And other than water savings, the category has lacked meaningful news for decades as brands jockey with one another touting slight tweaks to traditional product appearance. American Standard seized the opportunity to shake things up by introducing a revolutionary self-cleaning toilet. While the product was an engineering feat, the challenge was to get homeowners to notice.

The Solve

Leveraging a powerful, universal truth

Cleaning the toilet was identified in consumer research as the chore people tried to avoid most. While cleaning the toilet can be distasteful duty, being surprised by unexpected guests AND having a dirty bathroom was noted as one of life’s most stressful moments. We tapped into this consumer insight to transform a low-engagement product into a high-demand selling opportunity. Our creative idea was to demonstrate how ActiClean resolves stress and instills a worry-free calm for homeowners. Creative extensions encouraged consumers to throw away their toilet brush and look forward to a future of scrubbing their toilet with the simple push of a button.


Cleaning up on sales

  • Brand “motivation” to buy grew +50%
  • Independent dealers clamoring for ActiClean following Lowe’s exclusivity
  • New toilet triggering add-on purchases of additional bathroom fixtures

Client Quote

Give a remarkable product to a remarkable creative team, and the result is an idea that people can't stop talking about. Solve has shown that American Standard continues to lead the way with bathroom innovations that raise the standard of living.

Jeannette Long, VP Marketing Communications, LIXIL Americas