American Standard Case Study


Shift brand perception from reliability to remarkability

140-year old brand American Standard, while dominant in commercial installations, trailed Kohler in the residential market. In recent research, consumers rated our products comparable to Kohler’s in “style.” Our commercial brand perceptions of durability and reliability were however overshadowing consumer consideration for the home. Furthermore, American Standard was being given no credit for its industry-leading innovations including the self-cleaning toilet, hands-free faucet and remote touch shower. The brand needed a powerful idea to force reappraisal among homeowners.

The Solve

Position brand as innovation leader

American Standard sought a way to disrupt the comparative conversation between brands. While others focused on design, an attribute where we matched up well, we shifted the discussion to our technology-infused, life-changing products. With the rapid growth of today’s smart home, we saw an opportunity to own “smarter” products. Borrowing from the tech associations of Silicon Valley, we dubbed American Standard headquarters as the innovative world of “Porcelain Valley.” Showcasing innovations where we lead the category, like the self-cleaning toilet and remote touch shower, we reframed the brand as forward-looking and contemporary.


Game-changing products reshape the consumer conversation

  • Idea has fueled employee pride, energized brand internally and externally
  • Rejuvenates 140-year old brand with fresh, modern halo
  • Catapults brand to top of consideration set for the home

Client Quote

If you've ever wondered where innovations in the toilet industry happen, you'll kick yourself when you find out. Naturally, it's in Porcelain Valley.

Gabriel Beltrone, Reporter, ADWEEK